NowMattersNow Meets

Join 1-hour group meetings to share stories of obstacles and progress, and learn how to use evidence-based skills to cope. Everyone is welcome. You do not need to have your video on, and can choose to just listen. You can always email us to learn more.

Sign up via email. Just say hi and tell us your name. We’ll send you details on the next session you can join! 

Steps and Traditions

Check out our Traditions to see how we value and care for each other in meetings. Our Steps are the actions we take to make a life worth living.


Who are these meetings for?
Our meetings are for anyone who is or has been in emotional hell and may have survived suicidal thoughts.

What happens during a meeting?
We share stories of our obstacles, progress and how we use evidence-based skills to make a life worth living. We also learn about skills – what they are, why they help, and how to use them.

Can I participate in meetings anonymously?
Groups are hosted on Google Meet. You do not need to have your sound or video on, and you can choose to just listen. We do not share your information with anyone.

Do meetings cost money or require insurance?
No. Meetings are completely free.

Are meetings a replacement for one-to-one counseling?
No. Meetings are not considered a replacement for one-to-one counseling.