Young Ambassador

Tips and advice from young people who've been there - take ACTION by sharing this page with someone

What Is This?

How have other people survived painful emotions? See how others have coped

Suicidal Thoughts

For some, suicidal thoughts can be like mini-vacation for our brains - but the more we go there, the harder it is to leave

Radical Acceptance

Accepting reality is painful, but a powerful step on the pathway out of hell

Cold Water

Cold Water acts so fast, it is like throwing water on a fire

Problem Solving

Obstacles are real - approaching them methodically and like a scientist can help.


Suicidal thoughts, meet mindfulness - your worst enemy


Surviving a crisis is sometimes just about surviving - get through with distraction

Lethal Means

Considering giving up suicide as an option? Protect your investment

Opposite Action

Suicide becomes an option when we are barely living - opposite action is practice living all the way

Caring Messages

You are not alone - we've been there too and we want you to know we made this website because we care about you


Tools for getting what you want with those in your life

Mindfulness of Current Emotions

Our emotions are physical reactions - problems can be solved by feeling them

Paced Breathing

Basic, yet powerful solutions often get overlooked - breathing is foundation

For Clinicians

Are you a health service provider? People with #suicidalthoughts and substance problems deserve compassionate and effective care - to work in partnership