Steps are the actions we take to make a life worth living.


1 – We realized that a life worth living was a possibility for ourselves and we recognized that being open to this idea may feel scary or even dangerous.

2 – We acknowledge that by being here, reading these steps, we are already taking action.

3 – We acknowledged that we were suffering and that our lives had become unlivable.

4 – We came to believe that we are capable of developing an inherent sense of steadiness, love, and belonging.

5 – We became aware of the existence of dialectics and a dialectical world view.

6 – We came to believe that there are skills that provide relief from suffering and a doorway into being human (building a life worth living).

7 – We came to believe that we are not our thoughts or feelings.

8 – We came to believe that we can accept, tolerate, and change our thoughts and feelings.

9 – We became willing to acknowledge our truths and the truths of others.

10 – We became willing to utilize skills to navigate connection and we became ready to practice these skills in our daily lives.

11 – We acknowledge that this is a journey and a process and that we might find ourselves at different stages as we navigate life.

12 – We actively engage in the practice of building a life worth living and extending this practice to others.