Traditions are how we can value each other and our common purpose.


1 – We each have inherent value just by being and our emotions make sense (given our histories, biology, and current life circumstances). Being present is a gift to our community. This is above all, most important.

2 – We are here for a common purpose; to build a life worth living through the practice of storytelling and skills. Skills are not for rationalizing or supporting harm to self.

3 – We agree to adhering to the timer when sharing so that everyone that wishes to may have the opportunity to share and we agree that it is okay to have your video on or off.

4 – We agree to share our truth and refrain from commenting on the truths of others (we will not try to give advice, suggestions, or directly address other members unless requested, but rather share our own story about where we are at). A simple acknowledgment such as thank you for sharing is welcome.

5 – We agree to participate fully to the best of our ability and acknowledge that that might look different for everyone.

6 – We hold in mind that we have an impact on the group. We aim to share what is true for us, without tiptoeing, and use skills to tolerate what comes up for us around vulnerability and risk-taking.

7 – We hold in mind that the group has an impact on us. We agree to take care of ourselves: we might hear things that are distressing and even offensive, that bring out urges for us to caretake or pull away from others. We can use skills to be mindful and tolerate discomfort. 

8 – We agree to refrain from sharing details of our experience that might be unhelpful to others who are struggling (do not share plans, means, details of self harm/specifics of our “logs”).

9 – We acknowledge that we value connection and support and that each member of this group is responsible for their own choices.

10 –  Supporting each other outside the group is separate from the group.

11 – We agree to a shared level of responsibility for the group as we as members learn and practice skills.

12 – We agree that discomfort is a part of change, and that when/if we are struggling today, we are open to one of the following skills (or any others that we find to be useful): Paced breathing, Grounding technique (5 things I see, 5 things I hear, etc), Chest hugging/feet on the floor/walking (body safety techniques), Opposite action.