Free Online Training (New!)

COMMUNITY COURSE for those with suicidal thoughts, substance or mental health problems or their family members and friends.
1 week Micro-Interventions (2 hours, includes 3 Dialectical Behavior Therapy – DBT – skills). See this Flyer for sharing course details.
NEW Caring Contacts (2 hours, a simple way to help prevent suicide, for Service Providers as well)
NEW Expert Navigator Certification (1 hour, prepares you to share the resource, for Service Providers as well)

SERVICE PROVIDER COURSES for healthcare, crisis, peer support service and school based providers.
1 week Micro-Interventions (2 hours, includes 3 DBT skills and option for paid CME and social work CE)
1 week Suicide Safe Care (2 hours, free CMEs)
5 month Recommended Care (10 hours, not yet released)
12 month DBT skills (26 hours, Micro-Interventions required first)

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If you would like to donate to us, you can do so on our Facebook Page or by sending donations to:
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Curbing Suicidal Thoughts

Share this Flyer describing
Website visits could help reduce suicidal thoughts short term (research findings summary and one story).

Video of DBT and DBT skills core evidence.

Stress Model

Stress Model explains why, for some of us, it is harder to manage the emotional pain of living (Stress Model PDF).

Stop, Drop, Roll (new!)

You can “Stop, Drop, and Roll” when On Fire emotionally (video and image). Rationale developed collaboratively with experts (summary image).

You can visit our micro-site for young adults. These posters teasing that site (dark background pdf, light background pdf, png).

Here is our in-press paper describing the development of the Stop, Drop, and Roll steps.

Safety Planning

We know what to do in physical fires. What’s your plan for emotional fires? Create your Emotional Fire Safety Plan (PDFGoogle Doc). Help Guide (PDFGoogle Doc).

Example documentation for service providers (PDF, Word). For guidance on safe storage of lethal means see (PDF overview, PDF guidance).
Google Docs latest version and print best with Chrome internet browser.

Ambassador Program

Diary Card and Worksheets

Use Diary Card (PDF, Word, Google Doc) and Practice Assignment (PDF, Word, Google Doc) to make website more useful.

Google Docs latest version and print best with Chrome internet browser.

Question and Answer with Marsha Linehan

We interview the developer of DBT.

Caring Messages

Caring Messages are brief non-judgmental expressions of support provided over time (see CBS Sunday Morning News and excellent long-form story by Jason Cherkis).

Business Card for personal caring messages (or .jpg side 1, side 2). Poster (black, white) and PDF examples. Print or email to local print shop. Videos from our team.

Downloadables for Service Providers

“Outreach In the Time of COVID-19” (PDF, Google Doc)
“Linking Screening and Assessment to Brief Intervention” (PDF, Google Doc)
Consultation Team Agenda (PDF, Google Doc, Word) and Agreements (PDF)

See also Caring Messages, Safety Planning, and Diary Card and Worksheets sections of this page.


Posters designed by our Team.
Ten Things Suicidal People Wish They’d Known
Stop, Drop and Roll Steps
Language Matters

Print or order them online (proceeds for website development).

NPR and I'm Listening

National Public Radio’s “How To Help Someone At Risk Of Suicide” (live link, audio, pdf)
Our founder, Ursula Whiteside, co-hosts I’m Listening (2019, 2018, 2017).

Twitter Book Club

Do you Tweet? Learn more about our Book club. You can add new tweets anytime. Use #BuildingALifeWorthLiving to add to convo.

Our Founder's TED Style Talk

#SkilloftheWeek and #SkilloftheDay

We regularly add new short videos to your YouTube account (please follow us so we can get a personalized handle). Come follow us. Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here are #SkilloftheDay posters for Opposite Action (Monday), Paced Breathing (Tuesday), Ice-Water (Wednesday), Mindfulness (Thursday), Mindfulness of Current Emotion (Friday), and Wise Mind (Weekend). Here is a worksheet for practicing Opposite Action (online, PDF). Using things you learned here? We love it! Use #DBT_MF for Mindfulness, #DBT_OA for Opposite Action, #DBT_MCE for Mindfulness of Current Emotion or #DBT_PB for Paced Breathing. Make a one minute video with a story of a skill or skill tips and post it on our social media sites. See video making tips.

Coming Out

Things to consider when coming out about your own suicidal experience. Here are guidelinesLive Through This and From Shame to Healing feature examples.

Facebook and Instagram Collaboration

Members of  Team Now Matters Now support Facebook and Instagram’s ongoing suicide prevention efforts. This work was highlighted in the New York Times.

Loving Someone Who Is Suicidal

Not sure how to be helpful to to someone who is chronically suicidal? See this website and book for ideas.

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